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Local Fire & EMS Seeking PPE Donations – Masks, Non-latex Gloves, Disposable Gowns for COVID-19

Do You Have Unused PPE to Donate to Your Local Fire & EMS Agencies? As you may have seen through state and federal press conferences, there remains to be a shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) throughout the nation for Emergency Services and Healthcare Workers in light of the Coronavirus COVID-19. EMS Seeking Local Donations […]

Honeybaked Ham Offers 30% Off to Regional Emergency Services & Healthcare Workers

A letter from Rod and Karen Little and the Honey Baked Team Dear Valued Community Partner, In recognition of the service provided by our local EMERGENCY RESPONSE, LAW ENFORCEMENT, AND HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS, Honey Baked Ham of Harrisonburg is pleased to extend a 30% discount on all hams and turkeys for these hard working people. Honey […]

Cleaning EMS Transport Vehicles after Treatment of Patient with Potential or Confirmed COVID-19

CDC Guidelines Cleaning EMS Transport Vehicles The following are general guidelines from the CDC for cleaning or maintaining EMS transport vehicles and equipment after transporting a PUI: Vehicle Rear Doors Should Remain Open While Cleaning After transporting the patient, leave the rear doors of the transport vehicle open to allow for sufficient air changes to […]

COVID-19 Protocol Update – March 25, 2020: Flowchart Added

We have added a quick reference flowchart breaking down step by step guidance for provider and patient safety, patient assessment and care, and decontamination and containment when caring for a patient with potential COVID-19 infection. Download a hi-res PDF file HERE. Keep in mind this protocol and flowchart may regularly change as we learn and […]

COVID-19 Protocol Update – 3.22.2020

Effective immediately, do not use Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) on suspected COVID-19 Patients. Please review the protocol link regularly for the most up-to-date treatment guidance.

CSEMS Pearson VUE Testing Facility Temporarily Reopened with Increased Hours: Begins Monday, March 23, 2020

CSEMS has Temporarily Reopened our Pearson VUE Testing Facility. After further discussions with the Virginia Office of EMS, we recognize the the limitations of testing throughout Virginia due to precautions with COVID-19, and the potential increased demand for providers in the near future. As such, CSEMS will temporarily re-open our Pearson VUE testing facility with […]

CDC Guidance Video – Donning and Doffing PPE for COVID-19

CSEMS Releases COVID-19 Protocol – Thursday, March 19, 2020: Monitor for Updates

CSEMS releases Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Protocol to be utilized for immediate use. Purpose: To provide guidance for the treatment and transportation of patients with confirmed or suspected exposure to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) while mitigating the risk to providers and other patients. All patients with shortness of breath, cough, or fever should prompt appropriate […]

COVID-19 – Virginia Office of EMS Taking Proactive Actions Supporting EMS Operations

Pursuant to Emergency Order 51, the Virginia Office of EMS is taking proactive actions to reduce the spread of COVID-19. The following actions will be taken to support EMS operations throughout the commonwealth: PPE Supplies PPE supplies are in high demand for EMS agencies and healthcare organizations. The Virginia Office of EMS is working with […]

Changes in Pearson VUE Testing; April 30, 2020 – New Location Available

In 2013, the Central Shenandoah EMS Council received approval to open the Pearson VUE Testing Center, offering the National Registry of EMT’s exams at all certification levels. At the time, there were no options for testing in the region, and CSEMS was proud to offer this service to the EMS Community. Over the years, additional […]

Drug Box Alert: Expiration Date Extensions on Specific Lot Numbers; March 6, 2020

Scope of Impact: All regional drug boxes; specific medication lot numbers Provider Levels: EMT AEMT Intermediate Paramedic Mitigating drug shortages, the FDA has approved expiration date extensions for specific lot numbers deemed safe. Details: Certain drugs are experiencing continuing shortages in the United States. As such, you may find expired drugs in the regional drug […]

2020 Regional EMS Awards Program – Nomination Deadline Extended: June 1

The Central Shenandoah EMS Council is now accepting nominations for the 2020 Regional EMS Awards program. This regional recognition program honors the exceptional contributions of EMS providers in the Central Shenandoah Valley make to their communities. This regional program consists of 12 categories and one scholarship. Nomination Submission Deadline has been Extended: Award nominations must be […]

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FREE Continuing Education for CSEMS Agencies and Providers

CSEMS is pleased to announce the addition of Jacob Flickinger, OEMS Regional Educator to our region’s continuing education resource. All agencies within the Central Shenandoah EMS region are encouraged to reach out to Jacob and request any desired continuing education courses, at no cost, that can be customized for their agency’s needs and conveniently held […]

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